Mayor’s Bicentennial Park, GLENDALE, CA. DECEMBER 2003


In the heart of Glendale, Mayor’s Bicentennial Park became the natural backdrop for my intimate family photo session in December 2023. The park's inherent beauty created the perfect atmosphere for capturing cherished moments.

Cloaked in holiday attire, we meandered through the park, discovering its serene corners and tranquil spots. The park's simplicity became the canvas for authentic family portraits, with the winter air adding a refreshing touch to the photographs.

As a family photographer, I skillfully embraced the park's natural charm, turning each unadorned setting into a unique frame for our memories. Mayor’s Bicentennial Park showcased the genuine joy and connection within our family.

These captured moments weren't just for reminiscing. I turned them into a unique touch for our holiday season by using them in personalized holiday cards. Mayor’s Bicentennial Park, with its simplicity, became the essence of our holiday celebration, where the beauty lay in the shared laughter, glances, and embraces.


Emphasizing the importance of preserving family memories, having beautiful family photos at least every year serves as a timeless record of our growth, bonding, and the changing seasons of life. It's a tradition that not only documents our journey but also becomes a source of joy and reflection for generations to come.