Family Photo Outfits: Dressing for Picture-Perfect Moments

Hey there! As someone with extensive experience photographing numerous families with different outfits, my primary goal is for you to feel confident and comfortable in what you wear. However, if you're curious about which patterns tend to look fantastic and which ones might not translate as well in family photos, I've got some insights to share with you!

Favorite Tips for Choosing Family Photo Outfits:


1. Start with the Big Picture:

Consider where you plan to display your portraits and the photoshoot setting. If your wall boasts vibrant colors, opt for soft neutrals or muted tones to avoid clashing. For a touch of seasonal charm, choose color combinations that suit each season. In fall, earthy tones like burgundy and rich oranges work wonders, while spring calls for floral patterns and pastel colors.


2. Plan for the Season

As you plan your family photo session, keep in mind that each season demands different clothing choices. It's essential to consider the season while selecting outfits for every family member. To make it easier, I've curated winning color combinations for each season:

Fall Family Photo Outfits: Embrace the cozy vibes of autumn with earthy tones, burgundy, and rich oranges. These warm hues will add depth and charm to your photos, perfectly capturing the essence of the season.

Spring Family Photo Outfits: Welcome the blooming season with floral patterns and pastel colors. Soft and fresh tones will beautifully complement the blossoming surroundings, creating a light and cheerful atmosphere in your photos.

For effortless outfit planning, refer to the cheat-sheet above to ensure picture-perfect results.

2. Location Matters:

Let the photoshoot location guide your color choices. In a lush green summer backdrop, avoid red clothing to prevent an unintentional Christmas vibe in your photos. With these considerations, outfit selection becomes a breeze, resulting in a harmonious and visually pleasing family portrait.

3. Embrace Neutral Colors:

When in doubt, neutral or natural colors always work. They are universally flattering, suit any location, and won't distract attention from the person. Try combining matching pieces in white and tan from your wardrobe for a timeless and elegant look.


4. Skip Logos and Graphics:

To maintain focus on what truly matters, avoid shirts with branding, text, logos, or characters. While your kids may have favorite T-shirts with beloved characters, opting for uniform-color shirts is a better choice. Graphics can divert attention and become outdated quickly.


Remember, your family photoshoot is about capturing beautiful moments and genuine connections. Wear outfits that make you feel your best, and let the camera do the rest!